Welcome to the Earth Medicine Practitioner Training course. Use these teachings for our own personal journey and /or to help others. There is no charge to take the course however, donations are humbly accepted and all proceeds will go towards the Return to Turtle Island Project. This course is nationally accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

In this training, you will learn how to help others heal deep emotional wounds that could be blocking them from experiencing happiness, peace, and balance in their lives today.

I’m sure you’re excited and ready to get started. Here is everything you need to know about successfully completing this course…

PRACTICE CLIENTS: Practice, practice, practice! Get a few people to act as your “practice clients.” These could be friends, family, or maybe even some you just met. Practice as often as possible.

STUDY THE CURRICULUM: Study, study, study! Work at your own pace. There is no time limit to complete the course. I’ve laid out the flow of the curriculum in an order that I think would be most productive to learn and integrate, but feel free to move around according to your interests and how you feel.

RECORDING: We suggest recording all of your practice sessions, most smartphones have an audio recording feature. This is for you and your client to review later. Always ask permission from your client to record and assure them that their name and identity will remain confidential. You can use the recording feature on your smartphone for in-person sessions or online platforms like Zoom.

RECORD KEEPING: You might want to take notes as you work with each client also. You can use this type of documentation as a case study and it is also helpful to review your last session before starting your next one. I personally use my Google account for almost everything. I will note all of my client and student records in the notes section of my Google contacts. This way it is all kept digitally and no bulky file folders to haul around. During this course, we recommend that you keep a record of each of your practice sessions as a case study.

Learn more about how to do a Case Study

SUPPORT: Even though this course is self-guided, support is available to you if you get stuck, have questions, or just need some feedback. Please post all questions in the Facebook group “Earth Medicine Lodge

Here’s to your success! Have fun and enjoy!



Introduction  to Soul Retrieval

How to Conduct a Soul Retrieval


Guided Imagery Introduction

Guided Imagery “Vision”

Guided Imagery “Facing Fear”

Guided Imagery “Future Self”

Finding Answers from Within

Shamanic Journey Introduction

Shamanic Journey into Sacred Mountain

Shamanic Journey Earth Lodge Fire Ceremony


How to Conduct a Basic Life Coaching Session

Free Intro Session

Example Life Coaching Session



E+R=O Event + Response = Outcome

Seven Step Breakthrough

Wheel of Balance


Security and Insecurity

Co-dependence and Independence

ANTS Transforming Automatic Negative Thoughts

Control or Approval

Money Management

More or Less

Need Right Now

See Be Do Get – Reverse your Beliefs

Twenty-one Day Manifestation Mantra

Relationship Coaching for Couples and Families

Relationship Coaching for Developing Communication and Listening Skills


Example Session Recordings


Ancestral Healing

Animal Totems and Power Animals

Building Confidence

Becoming the Hollow Bone

Communicating with the Spirit World

Dark Night of the Soul

Dreams and Visions

Full Moon Gratitude Ceremony

Medicine Wheel Teachings and Ceremony

New Moon Ceremony

Prayer and Intention

Silence Stillness and Learning to Listen

Smudging and Clearing

Spirit Guides

Spiritual Diagnosis

The Four Agreements

Vision Quest


Creating a Website

Internet Marketing and SEO

Creating a Business Card

In-Person Marketing


How to Charge

Successful Business Tips

The Number One Thing you can do to Get Clients


Client Information