Woman Arising Event November 10-12 2017 Sedona AZ

November 10-12 2017 Sedona, AZ

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I am honored to be a guest speaker and ceremony leader at this event! -Rebekah Two Moons

Join us for Women Arising 2017 in beautiful Sedona, Arizona for a wonderful weekend of initiation into the deep, divine feminine.

Entering its fifth year this event is a powerful opportunity to connect with radiant, successful, and aware women who share the most profound insights, guidance, and sisterhood.

Those who have attended in the past recall the experience as transformational for the soul, the body and for life: “healing,” “uplifting,” “inspiring,” “beyond expectations,” and even, “the most amazing experience I’ve ever had.”

This dynamic and empowering tribal gathering for today’s modern women features some of the world’s most exciting female speakers each bringing gifts of unique guidance for tuning in with our sacred feminine.

Meet Our Speakers…

Women Arising is proud to present and exciting array of Speakers for our 2017 event. Our presenters come from all walks of life and various, differing knowledge bases. They join here together alongside our participants in unity to celebrate the divine feminine in all of us.


The Awakening of a New Generation of Wise Woman Elders

If women would love to build their lives and businesses in a creative and sustainable way, Diana is the expert. She is a thought leader when it comes to women’s sexuality and financial abundance. Diana has designed a support system for conscious women in business to stay anchored, fuelled up and highly productive, while they juggle the multiple demands in their lives.

She works globally with conscious women entrepreneurs. Her workshops and events open up a profound understanding for women about themselves to connect them with a power that is far greater than they ever expected.

Diana inspires women with her own rich tapestry of life, her love of beauty, nature, family and the freedom to express all of who she is.

Sandy Rueve, an alchemist of astrology and clay, helps her clients align with their life path, current intentions, and purpose with handmade, astrologically timed talismans. A Spirited Creator. Having studied astrology for nearly two decades, Sandy Rueve hand creates clay beads with precise astrological timing to take on the energies available. Sandy blends art, astrology, and alchemy to help her clients reach their desires thru mindfulness and talismans.

Avani Sukhadia is a student of life, mother, sister, yogini, and life-long Shakti Worshiper. Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and owner of Authentic Ayurveda of Sedona, specializing in Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies and Pancha Karma cleansing.

Avani grew up living with traditional  Ayurvedic principles at home with her family.  She has been formally studying and practicing Holistic Medicine since 1998. She has trained with the most respected teachers/gurus in the field including Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Mahadavan, Vaidya Ramakant Mishra, Swami Sadashiva Tirtha, and Bharat Shukla.  Avani is a graduate of New York University, The School of Healing Arts, and the American School of Ayurveda.

She is eager to share with you the wisdom of integrating different Ayurvedic practices to connect deeply to your divine feminine.

Sherab “Shey” Khandro’s deepest wish is to nourish and inspire the hearts and minds of others through paintings, sculpture and philosophical reflections focused on art, spirituality and the experiences of modern life.  She invites you to come alive in your own journey through the power of mindfulness and intentionality, exploring the transformative power of universal Love and Compassion.

Born and raised in the United States, Sherab was ordained as a Buddhist nun in the Tibetan tradition for 15 years. Her art and philosophy for living express a blend of the East and the West. A modern woman and one of the early Western artists to receive formal training from Tibetan masters in exile, her art is naturally an expression of the ancient and the contemporary. In her paintings she uses the neo-impressionist style of pointillism, tiny dots of color creating rich and vibrant imagery. Each stroke of the brush holds a prayer of compassion, each dot offered as a jeweled universe, an aspiration to end suffering in the world.

Elizabeth Oakes, Ph.D., is a poet, spiritual writer, and former Shakespeare and Women’s Poetry Professor. Her first book of poems won the 2004 Pearl Poetry Prize, a national award based in California. She is also the author of four other poetry books, the most recent of which is In the Matrix of the Mothers,  A long-time feminist and veteran speaker on Shakespeare, women’s poetry, and women’s pre-history/history, she especially enjoys sharing her poetry and that of other women with female audiences. 

Her workshop will bring the energy of our long suppressed past alive through poetry, chant, and movement. In this interactive, experiential presentation, the hymns that Enheduanna, a high priestess, sung to the moon goddess Inanna, the most powerful deity in Sumeria 5,000 years ago, will resound again. We will also rescue Medusa from her image as a monster. We will welcome these women into our world as muses, mentors, and mothers.

Join Rebekah on a peaceful hike and adventure to a sacred place in Sedona. Here we will hold a Medicine Wheel Ceremony and opening prayer for releasing all that no longer serves us and gratitude for all that we have and that is to come. We call in the ancestors and the blessings of the four directions to assist us on our journey. We drum and sing the medicine songs that will assist you in releasing and healing. Rebekah Two Moons will guide you through a powerful ceremony, prayer and share teachings of the indigenous people that held this land so sacred.

As a Dancer she studied traditional dance and drum of Africa and the African Diaspora. She taught Afro-Brazilian Dance, Samba and dances of the African Diaspora at University of Hawaii Hilo from 2001-2015.

Sarah McLean is a contemporary meditation and mindfulness teacher who has been inspiring people to meditate for over 20 years. With kindness and humor, Sarah shares her secrets to creating a successful meditation practice and how the it can lead to increased self-compassion, clear communication, and a more peaceful life.

She is dedicated to doing what she can to create more peace on this planet, for every living being. She believes that when people learn how to meditate and practice every day, they are able to expand their awareness and cultivate their own personal peace. When each one of us is peaceful, it creates a more peaceful planet for everyone.  She has a 24 year teaching career, and her students come from all walks of life, including Olympic and professional athletes, rock stars, and presidents of Fortune 500 companies, along with moms and dads and even young children.

Sarah is the founder of the Meditation Teacher Academy at the McLean Meditation Institute as

well as a popular facilitator at retreats for the Chopra Center, Esalen Institute, 1440 Multiversity, The Art of Living Retreat Center, and many world-class destinations. She has been interviewed on national television, featured in a variety of award-winning movies, and her work has been touted in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times.

Valerie “Sanjali” Irons is an artist, sound alchemist and kirtan wallah living in Sedona, AZ. She founded Bhakti Tribe Sedona in 2010, bringing kirtan and devotional music to the Red Rocks of Sedona. She also offers kirtan with her devotional music project “Sanjali Kirtan” and will soon be recording her first cd. As a sound healer, she is immersed in the world of sacred sound. She offers private sessions – “Soundwave Journeys” – using her Soundwave BedTM, as well as Shamanic Breathwork and group breathwork/sound healing journeys. She continues to paint and sculpt, as well as teach “Sacred Creativity” workshops. She is dedicated to divine healing through the arts. She is inspired by divine love and is deeply grateful.


Woman Arising will be held at Sedona Creative Life Center 333 Schnebly Hill Rd Sedona, AZ 86336