What will you create today?

One of the best ways to create the kind of day you want is to pretend it. In the dictionary it says that to pretend is to stretch, to profess, to simulate, to make believe, and to lay calm. Pre means before in time, place, rank, etc. Tend means to take care of, to manage or operate, to stretch, to be inclined, disposed, or to be directed. And Tendency means an inclination to move or act in a particular direction or way, a course toward some object.
If we pretend or visualize how we want our day to go first thing in the morning, then it is more likely to happen exactly the way we see it. It doesn’t have to take a long time, we could do it for five minutes. If we continue to do this consistently, then we will start to see more synchronicity and de ja vu, and have a feeling of having been in a place, talking to these people, or experienced something before.
Studies have shown that the brain doesn’t know the difference between visualising something and actually doing it. It still triggers the same emotions, and that is one of the main ingredients to manifesting what you want. Thought, feeling, and action.
Today’s Action Plan:
I will pretend my day first thing in the morning.
I will intend safe travels, coming into contact with people who support me, receiving the abundance that the universe has to offer me, love, joy, laughter, and peace. I intend prosperity, health, creativity, and confidence. Everything I do will happen easily and with least effort. I will stay open to new possibilities and opportunities. I will practice non-judgment, and know that everything happens for a reason. I will remain in a place of gratitude for everything that I encounter in this day.
You can add anything you want to this mantra, if you have a job interview, you can see your self going through the process and getting hired. If you have to go out of town, you can see yourself arriving there safely, early and refreshed. If you have to meet someone new, you can pretend the entire scene before you even speak with them.
Remove all negative thoughts, don’t even put them in your way. Act as if, what you pretend will come true exactly the way you visualize it.
So then, What will you create today?