What is a Shamanic Journey?

sedona shamanic journeyThe Shamanic Journey is a type of meditation exercised in order to receive guidance, answers, solutions, information, and visions from the spirit world. Most Shamanic cultures believe there are three primary Spirit Worlds, The Lower World, Upper World and Middle World.

The Lower World is the realm of nature, animals, trees, plants and rocks. Here lies the root of our deepest thoughts and emotions. This is where we meet and connect with our Power Animals. This type of vision is usually reached by some form of tunnel that leads into the earth. This is the the best place to start for beginners.

The Upper World is the spiritual realm that connects us with the universe, planets, stars, our ancestors, and ascended masters. Here we find our teachers and guides. This type of vision is usually reached by following a beam of light starting at your third eye and following it out into the universe. Some will climb through the inside of a very tall tree or ladder. The Upper World can often seem very ethereal and can appear to be very bright and can go from light pastels to a soft gray.

The Middle World is the place where we live and breathe. This world overlaps the world of the seen with the unseen and the dream world. This is where we can travel back and forth through time. Here we can also look for lost or stolen objects, perform long distance healing work and to find the souls of the recently deceased in order to help them cross over into the afterlife. This is also a good place to have a conversation with someone like a co-worker, friend, or family member to discuss matters. You can reunite with an old friend or communicate with someone who has already crossed over. In the Middle World we communicate with the Spirit that lives in all things. This is where the Shaman becomes the medium between the spiritual and physical worlds. This type of vision can easily reached by a simple walk in nature or passing through a doorway.

Reaching an Altered State of Consciousness
The constant beat of the drum or shaking a rattle are the most common tools used to assist us in a successful Shamanic Journey. Studies have shown that this continuous rhythm affects our brain in such a way that allows us to more easily experience a vision.

The Helping Spirits
The helping Spirits are the guides of the Shaman and can assist us in the healing of individuals, the community and Mother Earth. The most common types of Spirits who work in partnership with the Shaman are the animals, the plants and trees, the elements such as wind, the stone and mineral kingdom and humans who appear as teachers.

The Spirits who appear as animals are more commonly known as Power Animals or Animal Spirit Guides. They provide us with strength, protection and support.

The Plant and Tree Spirits can provide help with very specific issues. Shamans and Medicine People have been using the help of the Plant and Tree people since the beginning of time for healing.

The Spirits that appear to us in human form are usually messengers and can act as intermediaries between us and the universe. They have compassion for our pain, confusion and suffering, therefore they gladly volunteer their help.