Two Moons Lodge Event “Sacred Fire Earth Lodge Ceremony”

December 27th, 2018 at 11 am Arizona time

Join us for this Two Moons Lodge webinar event.

The “Sacred Fire Earth Lodge Ceremony” is a powerful guided imagery that will help you heal on many levels by consciously going into the body and talking with the problem.

Guided imagery is a mild form of hypnotherapy that allows you to relax enough to listen to your inner self and experience transformational healing.

Excerpt of the session…

Now you look out into the distance and call upon a power animal to join you in the lodge today… As it arrives you begin to feel even more safe and very grateful that they are excited to join you on this journey… Get a good look at them and thank them for being there. Now, with your power animal, look at the earth lodge in front of you… it’s a small cozy space made up of nature… you see a small opening with the light from the fire flickering inside… behind the lodge you notice several human figures watching over you… these are your ancestors or spirit guides who have prepared the healing fire and the earth lodge for you… You look to them and thank them before you go inside…

Click here for info on how to enter the lodge!