Turtle Messages

Just the other day I experienced turtle medicine. I was at the creek relaxing when I went to the shore and I saw a turtle head poking out from under the grass. I came up from behind it and picked it up and played with it for a few minutes then released it back into the water. As I set it down in front of me, it just kept all tucked in its shell. But if I got still enough, it would poke its head out. I think the message here for me was to become still and observe. This can mean many different thing for us depending on what we are going through in our lives at the time. This was the message I needed at this time. Thank you Turtle!

Turtle teaches us to be careful in new situations and to be patient in reaching our goals. Turtle also teaches us to take things slow, for it gives us time to figure out if we need to protect our self or forge ahead. Turtle shows up in our lives when we need to go into shell and wait until our thoughts & ideas are ready to be expressed. He also teaches us to be adaptable to our environment so we can find the harmony within it.