Tools of a Shaman

A Shaman may use many tools, some of which are… Herbs, Sage, braids of sweet grass, cedar, lavender, and blue corn. Also, drums, rattles, prayer feathers, stones, bones, and a staff or wand.

Sage is best known for smudging ceremonies. This practice is used for cleansing, clearing, and purifying negative energies. Scientific studies have shown that sage, when burned, gives off negative ions. Negative ions are known for clearing mental blocks and works with the non-physical, psychic self. These are the same ions that you would get from standing at the edge of the ocean and breathing it in.

Blue corn is one of the most unique corns found in the Southwest. On story suggests that the Hopi emerged to the surface of the planet by climbing up a blue corn stalk.

The drum is one of the most important tools of a Shaman. It is used for meditating, vision quests, shamanic journeys, healing, breaking up old patterns and negative energies, grounding, centering, calling in the spirits for ceremony, and of course, dancing.
The deep, earthly sound of the drum represents the heartbeat of mother earth, loving, giving, and nurturing. It brings us back to the comfort of being in our mothers womb, safe, secure, and surrounded with unconditional love. The heartbeat connects all of life and reminds us that there is no separation. The plants, animals, stones, trees, fish, stars, plants and the universe are all one. There is only one universal heartbeat.