The Reason I got back on Facebook… 

As you may know… last September 2016, I decided to delete my Facebook account. It was for more than the reasons I listed. About two years ago I started receiving messages from what I call “The Ancestors.” The Ancestors, to me, are of any past relation of Native American descent. They recently told me to get off of all social media, that it was changing us. See article below…

The Reason I Deleted my Facebook Account

Then in July 2017, I started to realize that I was missing many opportunities to…

  • Promote the new launch of EMSHA
  • Read articles from friends
  • Get notified about local events
  • Connect with family
  • Connect with the community
  • Be the change Facebook needs
  • and more.

So why did I ever got off in the first place? I became lost in the newsfeed, drowning in fear generated by negative posts, afraid of being judged, poor me’s, inauthenticity and political hype.

New guidance to get back on… Now I will look at it from a new perspective and a higher vibration. Not coming from a place of judgment, ego and needing to be noticed and accepted in society, but rather from a place of passion, responsibility, and purpose. To have fun, play, enjoy and to not take everything so seriously!

And why I am getting back on? I am going back on Facebook to be a beacon of light, to spread positive energy and share my passion and teachings. To help raise the vibration and create a more peaceful place to carry out my earthwalk.

So now I look forward to this new journey, connecting with old friends and having fun!