The Number One Thing you can do to Get Clients

Here’s the number one thing you can start doing NOW to get clients…


Get comfortable with saying… “Would you like to try a session with me?” or “Would you like to try my product?” Maybe you will get some, no’s, some skeptics, but keep asking and someone will say yes.

Eventually, you will be getting more yes’s than no’s and ultimately you will have a full and abundant practice doing or selling what you love.

Okay, maybe there a few steps to consider before you actually get to this point…

  1. You have to meet people
  2.  Let them know you are a Life Coach
  3.  Make an offer to help them

This is a proven strategy that works!

Most new coaches spend too much time doing things that don’t get them clients!


  1. Make a list of all the reasons why you think you aren’t getting clients.
  2. Next, write a list of reasons why you want more clients. Why do you want them?
  3. Now have your business cards ready and go out and ask at least one person per day if they would like to try a session with you. Use those exact words. People are open to the word “try.” Of course, you have to talk more about what you do in order to get people interested. Find ways to bring it up in small conversation.

Lacking confidence? That’s the number one reason you’re not getting new clients. I challenge you to face this fear, get uncomfortable and go out and be raw. Raw is authentic. You want to do this work right? Of course, you do! And you will be doing more of it soon if you follow this proven strategy for getting more clients!

Measure your progress. Keep track for 30 days and let me know how it goes. I promise you that by the end of the 30 days you will be doing more sessions that you were before you started asking!