The Heaviness has Lifted! New Moon Eclipse 8-11-2018

Happy “Moon When All Things Ripen” (Dakotah Sioux) and solar eclipse. All the heaviness you’ve been experiencing the last few months will begin to lift now. Things are/will be different. Like a computer download, some old programming will be gone and you will begin to experience the new lighter programs that are being installed in the background. Be easy with yourself and others as they are also going through a huge transformation and enjoy the next few days/weeks as they unfold peacefully and beautifully. Try to spend more time away from social media, TV and video games and get outside, re-learn how amazing your connection with the Earth is. Have faith and trust that everything will be okay. Time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

I am also available for private healing sessions that will help things move quickly. Heal any ancestral emotional weight or trauma that is holding you back with life coaching, guided imagery, soul retrieval, trauma release technique, forgiveness and understanding the truth.