Tarantula Animal Messages

Hiking a small hill near Sacred Mountain, I came across a tarantula slowly making its way around. I stopped to say hi and it stopped and turned toward me as if to say hello, then sfter a short moment it turned and continued on its path. The message of tarantula is so perfectly symbolic of my life right now. Just yesterday I decided to stay put it the Verde Valley for a while until financial signs are clear to travel abroad. The decision feels good and tarantula came into my life to validate it. Still camping though and celebrating one month without electric! Thank you tarantula!

If Tarantula has come across your path…

You are being asked to be patient for the moment. All you are asking for and trying to create in your life is coming to fruition behind the scenes. You must step back and allow it all to take hold in a solid foundation. Moving too soon can create an instability that will undermine all of your hard work. trust that you will be given the information and knowledge you need for your next move when the time comes.

Tarantula can also be letting you know that positive changes are now taking hold in your life and that it is time to integrate the spiritual with the physical. Trust your intuition and continue to move forward.