Woman Arising Event November 10-12 2017 Sedona AZ

November 10-12 2017 Sedona, AZ Take Advantage of our Special Fall Pricing $295.00 Until October 1st. $360. at the Door. SIGN UP NOW I am honored to be a guest speaker and ceremony leader at this event! -Rebekah Two Moons Join us for Women Arising 2017 in beautiful Sedona, Arizona for a wonderful weekend of initiation into the deep, divine […]

Polatki and Honanki Ruins in Sedona

My adventure today… November 1 2015 The Palatki Heritage Site — in the Hopi language Palatki means ‘red house’– it is an archaeological site and park located in the Coconino National Forest, near Sedona, in Arizona. The Honanki Heritage Site (meaning “bear house”) is approximately 4.5 miles north west of Polatki and is also a […]

Sedona Spiritual Healing Day

An in-depth Sedona Spiritual Healing Experience. Release fear, loss, anger, emotional pain, physical pain and dis-ease, control issues, and gain more inner peace, love, compassion, gratitude, happiness and balance. Reconnect with nature and remember the truth of who you really are. Also gain more insight and clarity on your life’s path. Illuminate your passion for life! […]

Medicine Wheel Ceremony Sedona Arizona

A Medicine Wheel is a ceremonial tool used by many spiritual people all over the world to perform rituals that honor the four directions, the sacred hoop of life, the animals, the sun, moon, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and many more aspects of the natural world. “Medicine” is anything that deepens your relationship with the […]

Sedona Vortex Tour and Healing Day

An in-depth Sedona Spiritual Healing Experience. This package includes… Sedona Vortex Tour Medicine Wheel ceremony Animal Totem reading Shamanic Journey to connect with your spirit guides A healthy meal at one of Sedona’s award-winning vegan restaurants Sacred Path Life Coaching session Release fear, loss, anger, emotional pain, physical pain and dis-ease, control issues, and gain more inner […]

Eagle Messages

I saw a bald eagle today, August 21st 2009, circling around the Slide Rock, Oak Creek Canyon area in Sedona Arizona. We were driving up to Flagstaff to hike around the Sow Bowl on San Francisco Peaks. My Clan Totem is the Bald Eagle, and my partner, whom was with me at the time, is […]

Medicine Wheel Ceremony Sedona

Experience a real Native American medicine wheel ceremony at one of Sedona’s most sacred sites. At the Medicine Wheel we give thanks for all that we have, and to show gratitude and appreciation for the animals, the four directions, the natural elements, Spirit, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and all of nature. We drum and sing […]

Spirit Keepers ~ Animal Totems

The Spirit Keepers The Spirit Keepers are Spirit Beings responsible for teaching us the power of their respective Directions. When we are born, the Great Spirit assigns, per se, a particular one to us, sort of like a Guardian Angel, to Guide, Teach, Protect us, and to serve as a sort of Team Leader.(See the […]

Tools of a Shaman

A Shaman may use many tools, some of which are… Herbs, Sage, braids of sweet grass, cedar, lavender, and blue corn. Also, drums, rattles, prayer feathers, stones, bones, and a staff or wand. Sage is best known for smudging ceremonies. This practice is used for cleansing, clearing, and purifying negative energies. Scientific studies have shown that […]

Places you might find a Shaman

There are many shamans walking the earth today, and they can be found all over the planet. Some shamans don’t even know that they are a Shaman, yet they have the characteristics of a Shaman and are unconsciously practicing Shamanism every day. Most Shamans are likely to be found in sacred places such as Sedona […]

Free Life Coaching Seminar

Coaches Connection Presents: Free Life Coaching Seminar Join in on the fun as we explore Life Coaching and experience a powerful coaching exercise! Learn how you can become a coach, hire a coach, or grow your existing coaching business.  April 14th 3pm  Jerona Cafe 677 E Mingus Ave. Cottonwood, AZ Presenter: Rebekah Simpson 928-420-2077

Shamans Stones – Master Shamanite

SHAMANITE -Rare North American Black Calcite Master Shamanite is the name given to a carbon-infused Black Calcite from the Rocky Mountains of the USA. It contains many trace minerals & micro-fossils. Mystic Lore – Intuitive sources say that Master Shamanite is the finest stone for spiritual purification and the emergence of one’s Diamond Self, the perfected […]

Sedona Shamanic Vortex Tour

Imagine re-discovering your passion for life…. We travel to two of Sedona’s main vortex sites, one male, empowering, and uplifting, one female, calming, and nurturing. We teach you how they were created, and how to use them. The male vortex is one of the best places to see several different rock formations and take great […]