Spiritual Practice? Want to “live” what you do and make a living?

Hey! Spiritual Entrepreneurs! A bit of business advice… How can you “charge what you are worth” when you are priceless? Are you caught up in an endless battle between charging and serving? I understand really…. been there. Well, here’s the truth. At this Time in history, here and now, the moment, reality, being present and looking at what’s right in front of you… (tomorrow may be different) but right now… you need money to live, right? So how do you charge? How can you make a living or better yet, how can you create an abundant life doing what you love? I bet you’d love a simple answer to that. Should be easy right? Good news! It is easy…

All you have to do is imagine how much money you would like to receive. Per session, per hour, per day, per week, per month, per year… in ten years. Trust what your intuition provides you and… Here’s the secret…

Ask for it. Ask for it, ask for it, ask for it.

How do you ask for it?

Well, when you see an opportunity, any opportunity… Ask for it? “Would you be interested in trying a session with me?”

They will say yes or no.

No… why not? This is just the beginning of the conversation!

Yes, great! Schedule the session.

Stand in your power and play the game that you were born into… and win!

Love not the money, but what the money can help you create!

Make a list of what you would do with a lot of money. Yes, do it now. Make the list.

It’s okay to have a lot of money!