Lunar Eclipse at Canyon DeChelly 2015

eclipse canyon dechellyCan anyone else feel the effects of the Eclipse still? Bringing up aspects of shadow self?

Most of the time the shadow self is ignored, neglected, and misunderstood. Imagine what would happen if we could learn to love, acknowledge, and nurture it? It may create more balance, totality, and completion of old chapters, agreements, commitments, relationships, and un-finished projects. Embrace it, cry with it, love it then… we will be ready to journey forward into this new exciting chapter of our lives.

During the eclipse, I was with some friends at Canyon DeChelly. Navajo Reservation. The Navajo said they do not look at the eclipse because it will bring out their shadow side. For some people, It is hard to look at these parts of ourselves… easier to just ignore it. So I watched the whole event and saw that once I looked at the shadow, eventually the light began to come back and it seemed even brighter.