Snake Dream ~ Snake Messages in the Cave

Had a dream last night about going down a tunnel underground to find something. Not sure what I were looking for. Then quite a ways down I came to a large underground cave, it was very dark. I started to notice snakes all over the inside of the cave. I fearlessly walked into the cave and started to kill all of the snakes until they were all gone. Not something I would even think of doing in real life. I looked it up in my books and Snakes message is all about “Rebirth”. Shed the old; new birth is coming. Face fears and do not resist changes. Resurrect some part of your life. I also remember asking the Great Spirit to help me remember my dreams that night and to offer a spiritual message to help me on my earth walk. Native Americans believe that dreams are there to help us see what we are not willing or wanting to see in real life so they come to us as messages from the spirit world. I also believe that going down into the earth can represent going inside myself.