Shamanic Healing in the Initiation Cave Prescott Arizona

Something spontaneous happened the other day during a regular hike with some friends. We found this cave near some ancient petroglyphs and decided to explore it. I just felt the need to help at that moment and I wanted to share what happened thorough his words. I asked his permission to share what he posted on his Facebook page that night…

I feel the need to share an experience I had today.

Sometimes it pays to be open to new experiences and things that you just don’t fully understand.

A friend, Michelle, invited me to join her (and her friend Rebekah), on a hike to see & experience a medicine wheel out on a mountainside. On the way there this morning, we were led to a small cave by Michelle’s dog. A spiral petroglyph was imprinted onto the outside of the cave. We descended into the cave and listened to the hushed sound of wind blow across the trees far above us. It was in the cave that I learned Rebekah is a Shaman in the Blackfoot Tribe.
Rebekah asked if I would like to participate in a healing ceremony. I said yes. And in the near darkness of the cave, we discussed my lifelong battle with migraines. We also discussed some of my ancestors and some of their challenges. Rebekah continued with the ceremony…acknowledging that we were basically in the womb of Mother Earth. While she was in the middle of the ceremony, a bat entered into the cave and kept us company. Apparently the bat represents initiation and rebirth. It’s hard to thoroughly describe the experience, but the ceremony had a physical and emotional affect on me. It was really special and I feel very grateful. The fact that this ceremony took place: spontaneously, during a new moon, during the first day of Diwali, was led by a dog, and visited by the bat – just makes it that much more incredible. I know some people may pooh-pooh the experience, and that’s unfortunate because it was really special. I hope that everyone has the opportunity to share in something like this at some point in their life.Thank you Michelle for your invitation, friendship and sharing this experience. Thank you Rebekah for your guidance and wisdom. Thank you… for allowing this experience to all come together.

-Don November 2012

None of us knew that was going to happen that day, but i’m starting to understand the beauty of spontaneous healing and ceremony. It can happen at any place and at any time. The magic continues to unfold as I continue to Walk A Shamans Path. Hope you enjoyed, Rebekah