Seven Step Breakthrough Self-Coaching

This is a simple yet empowering tool that can help get you from where you are to where you want to be by using Life Coaching techniques. This tool can also help you find answers in any situation or decision that you may be presented with at the moment. This program is designed to be reused every time you need answers or clarification. The key to Coaching and the motivation behind this breakthrough process is that “you have all the answers within yourself.” This seven step process may take you about an hour to complete. It is important to finish all the steps in one session. I want to encourage you to take notes during this session. Journaling is very important when you are preparing to have a breakthrough! It allows you to record and measure your progress. So when you are ready to get started start the video and have your journal ready.
Personal Life Coaching session are available with Rebekah 928-420-2077