Sedona Vortex Tour when you’re in Sedona

Oak Creek at Indian GardensWhile in Sedona, make sure to get a Vortex Tour. Even if you are a skeptic. Its fun, informational, and healing. The energy is very real!

Here’s  the short version of what I have learned about vortexes…

A vortex is a place on the earth where the energy is more concentrate. Indigenous people all over the world could feel these locations and intuitively knew to hold their ceremonies and rituals there because they would be amplified.

These vortex locations also known as hot spots can be found where the earth’s ley lines intersect.

Such locations include, Sedona, AZ, Washington DC, Bermuda Triangle, Great pyramid of Giza, Machu Pichu Peru, Maui Hawaii, Stonehenge and more.

These were also said to be portal locations that could transport you to places all over the world including outer space.

There are masculine and feminine vortexes, some call them electric and magnetic. In Sedona, there are several masculine and feminine and balanced vortex locations that have been scientifically proven using EMF technology.