Sedona Healing Three Day Retreat

sedona spiritual healing retreat

Are you looking for an authentic Sedona spiritual healing retreat where you will experience deep authentic healing and spiritual awakening? Then

you have landed in the right place! Rebekah has been working with hundreds of people looking for a spiritual experience and healing since 2006.

A Personal Journey Retreat in Sedona to Healing and Self Discovery.

What is a Spiritual Retreat? A spiritual retreat is created using ancestral healing and ceremonial practices.  We will guide and customize the perfect retreat for you.

Each retreat includes:

  • Medicine Wheel Ceremony
  • Vision Journey Meditation to meet an animal spirit guide
  • Soul Retrieval/Emotional Healing
  • Sacred Path Card Reading
  • Life Coaching 
  • Sedona Nature Hike
  • Healing Massage
  • …and anything else that spontaneously comes up!

Heal from past physical and emotional stress, find your sacred path, or just enjoy a life-changing experience. Relax and heal in a peaceful place where the ancient ones once lived. Experience healing on the land and reconnect with Mother Nature. Learn how your animal totems are guiding you on your path. Release unwanted fear, anger, and resentment, and gain more inner peace, love, and balance. Reconnect with your inner guidance and remember the truth of who you really are. Also, gain more insight and clarity into your life’s path. Illuminate your passion for life! After this retreat…. you just might feel like a new person! Each retreat is personalized and can be customized to your specific wants or needs.

3 day Spiritual Healing Retreat $1200. Schedule: (available year-round weekdays, holidays and weekends) *Accommodations not included

Day 1. Arrive and relax in your accommodations. Enjoy a healing massage in the comfort of your own room. Set your goals for your stay and make sure to hydrate before your first day on the land.
Day 2. Enjoy a beautiful morning Medicine Wheel Ceremony to release the past and fill yourself with gratitude and love. Rejuvenate with a healthy organic lunch and Soul Retrieval Emotional Healing session.
Day 3. Another peaceful morning adventure to experience a Vision Journey to meet your animal spirit guide and meditate by the creek. Let the heartbeat of the drum help you reconnect with nature and your true self. Enjoy a healthy lunch for energy, have fun and gain insight with the Sacred Path Card Reading and Life Coaching session for personal growth.
Day 4. Reflect on your goals and experiences. Depart and return home with your new insight and renewed self.

We also offer Group Retreats in Sedona: We would love to accommodate your group on an amazing spiritual retreat. Together we can customize the perfect retreat experience. Contact us to learn more about booking your group retreat.

Contact Rebekah to book your Sedona Healing Retreat today!


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