Sedona Shamanic Retreats now available with Rebekah Two Moons

Are you looking for a Spiritual Sedona Retreat in the beautiful high desert of Arizona? We’ll you have landed in the right place! We have been working with hundreds of people looking for a spiritual experience in Sedona since 2006.

We offer three-day Personal Retreats, Couples Retreats, and Group Retreats.

Rebekah Simpson life coach spiritual teacherWhat is a Shamanic Retreat? A Shamanic Retreat is created using Native American Ceremony, Native teachings, and other spiritual services. Located in the spiritual southwest city of Sedona and surrounded by tons of Native American history, this sets the atmosphere for your perfect Sedona “Shamanic” Retreat.

Rebekah will be your host and guide. She was born and raised in the area, is of Native American decent, and has been studying and practicing Native American Shamanism since a very young age. All of her teachings, ceremonies and personal growth services are authentic and unique.

Each retreat includes a 90 minute healing massage, a Medicine Wheel Ceremony, an Animal Totem or Sacred Path card reading, a Shamanic Journey Meditation, a Sacred Counsel Session (life coaching) and two healthy meals.

Personal Sedona Retreat

sedona retreat personal healingHeal from past physical and emotional stress, find your sacred path, or just enjoy a life changing experience in beautiful Sedona Arizona. Relax and heal in a magical place where the Natives would do sacred ceremony. Experience Native Healing on the land and re-connect with Mother Nature. Learn how your animal totems are guiding you on your path.
Release unwanted fear, anger, and resentment, and gain more inner peace, love, and balance. Reconnect with your inner guidance and remember the truth of who you really are. Also gain more insight and clarity on your life’s path. Illuminate your passion for life!
After this retreat…. you just might feel like a new person! Each retreat is personalized to your specific needs. $630. Call now or email Rebekah to book your Sedona Retreat! 928.420.2077

Couples Sedona Retreat

sedona retreat couplesSpecifically designed for you and your loved one. Strengthen your love and sacred union as a couple. Fall in love again as you experience healing from the past and learn new tools to create a stronger more loving future. Learn more about what each others specific needs are and how to nurture and honor them.

Each couples retreat is personalized and specifically designed to create your perfect relationship experience. $780. Call now or email Rebekah to book your Sedona Retreat! 928.420.2077

Group Sedona Retreat

sedona retreat groupsWe would love to take your group on a shamanic journey in Sedona. This is a great retreat for co-workers, families, or any group of people who just want to have a unique experience outside of the workplace or home.

This is also a great retreat for reuniting with friends or family members. Reconnect and heal as a group while you participate in sacred ceremonies on the land, just as the Natives did. Have fun, spend quality time together, and reconnect on a deeper level. Call now or email Rebekah to book your Sedona Retreat! 928.420.2077

Example Sedona Retreat Schedule:

Day 1 Arrive in Sedona and relax in your accommodations, and enjoy your first healing massage. Set your goals for your stay and make sure to hydrate before your first day on the land.
Day 2 Enjoy a beautiful morning Medicine Wheel Ceremony in majestic Sedona. Rejuvenate with a healthy lunch at one of Sedona’s best organic restaurants (or lunch of your choice) then complete the day with an Animal Totem or Sacred Path Reading.
Day 3 Another peaceful morning adventure to experience a Shamanic Journey and meditate by Oak Creek. Let the drum help you reconnect with nature and your true self. Enjoy a healthy lunch for energy, have fun and gain insight with Sacred Counsel life coaching session for personal growth. Then release any leftover stress relaxing in the hot tub.
Day 4 Reflect on your goals and experiences. Depart and return home with your new insight and renewed self.


 Prices above do not include accommodations. When you call we will recommend the best place for you to stay in Sedona!

Call now or email Rebekah to book your Sedona Retreat! 928.420.2077

Sedona Shamanic Retreats is offered by Sacred Southwest Adventures LLC and Sedona Shamanic Journeys