Sedona Shamanic Healing Training Seven Day Retreat

Seven Day Shamanic Practitioners Training Retreat in Sedona $2500.

sedona spiritual healing shamanic training retreatThis retreat is for those who are interested in learning more about Native American Shamanism while experiencing the healing for themselves. Are you wanting to learn more about Native American Shamanism to heal yourself, use in your healing practice, or just to receive the knowledge and experience? Then you would love a Sedona Shamanic Healing Training Retreat.

During this retreat your teachings may include:

  1. Animal Totems
  2. Balancing the Physical and Spiritual Worlds
  3. Boundaries
  4. Ceremony
  5. Communicating with the Spirit World
  6. Confidence
  7. Dreams
  8. Elements
  9. Energy Medicine
  10. Forgiveness
  11. Gratitude
  12. Healing with Stones, Crystals and Wands
  13. Health (Physical and Spiritual) Nutrition and Exercise
  14. Herbal Medicine
  15. Medicine Tools
  16. Medicine Wheel Ceremony
  17. Natural Healing
  18. Natural Laws
  19. Prayer and Intentions
  20. Sacred Counsel
  21. Sacred Places
  22. Sacred Space
  23. Senses and Inner Guidance
  24. Shamanic Journey
  25. Shape Shifting
  26. Smudging
  27. Soul Retrieval
  28. Spiritual Diagnosis
  29. Spirit Guides
  30. Sweat Lodge
  31. Vision Quest
  32. Walking Between Worlds

Here is an example retreat and training schedule:

Day 1. Arrive in Sedona and relax in your accommodations with a 1 hour healing massage. Set your goals for your stay and make sure to hydrate before your first day out in nature. Relax in the hot tub and prepare for the dream world. Learn the teachings about dreams and how this is spiritual guidance for our waking life.

Day 2. Enjoy a beautiful morning Medicine Wheel Ceremony and learn the teaching of the four directions and the sacred hoop of life. Rejuvenate with a healthy lunch at one of Sedona’s best organic restaurants (or lunch of your choice) then complete the day with an Animal Totem or Sacred Path Reading to learn about Animal Totems and Messages.

Day 3. Another peaceful morning adventure to experience a nature hike and Shamanic Journey Meditation by Oak Creek. Learn how to journey into the lower, middle and upper worlds. Here you will also learn how to do a soul retrieval. Let the drum help you reconnect with nature and your true self. Enjoy a healthy lunch for energy and learn about nutrition and keeping a healthy body.

Day 4. Gain insight with Sacred Counsel Session for personal growth. Sacred Counsel is very similar to Life Coaching. Its all about becoming the listener and asking powerful questions to help others find guidance, answers and solutions within themselves. There is a unique process to this session that will help you heal and move forward faster. This also includes the teaching of the Spiritual Diagnosis. Then relax in the hot tub and reflect on your teachings.

Day 5. Ont the fifth day we travel to the sacred lands of the Navajo to do a Vision Quest and Sweat Lodge Ceremony. We will leave early this morning and arrive in Chinle at Canyon De Chelly, a few hours northeast of Sedona and stay in a real Navajo hogan. After we set up camp we will enjoy a healthy meal then explore the area where there are over 700 different Anasazi ruins. The next morning we will participate in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony for healing and renewal.

Day 6. After the Sweat Lodge we travel back to Sedona through the sacred lands of the Hopi and the Painted Desert and return to your accommodations. Journal and reflect on your teachings and experiences.

Day 7. Depart and return home with your new insight and teachings and renewed self.

*The cost for this does not include accommodations, except for the one night in Chinle. When you call, Rebekah will offer you suggestions on where to stay in Sedona for the other five nights.

Call or email Rebekah today to schedule your Shamanic Healing Practitioners Retreat 928.420.2077