Sedona Shamanic Healing Retreats Tours and Spiritual Journeys 

Imagine feeling so good and so at peace… physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally, that everything in your life just seems to unfold magically and effortlessly. You begin to notice all the chaos, stress and drama fade away. You release stressful relationships and unhealthy addictions that are damaging your energy. Yes, you can do this. Join Rebekah on a spiritual shamanic journey in Sedona and let the land help you heal. Get in touch with Mother Nature and call upon the animals for guidance.

There are several ways to do this depending on your schedule…

  • Three hour shamanic vortex tour
  • Full Sedona healing day
  • Three day Spiritual retreat
  • Seven day intensive retreat
  • Daytrip to sacred lands in Northern Arizona

Call or email to schedule your Sedona experience and get excited to start your new life.