Sedona Retreat for an Amazing Spiritual Experience

sedona retreatSedona is known as a sacred place for spiritual vacationers. Studies show that 70% of the people coming to Sedona are looking for some type of spiritual experience. Because of the beauty of the red rocks, the scientifically proven vortexes, and the healing waters of Oak Creek, Sedona has attracted healers, psychics, intuitives and Shamans. Most of them will say they were drawn to move to Sedona not particularly knowing why at first, then later discovering that “Sedona” has called them to do their spiritual work there.

There are several wonderful companies and privately owned businesses that offer a wide variety of Sedona retreat packages. Some direct their focus on physical, mental, spiritual or medical conditions, all depending on what you are looking for. No matter who you choose to book your Sedona retreat through, you are most likely to have an amazing time and receive the healing, guidance or direction, that you are looking for.

Here at Red Earth, we are more earth based and focus on early american spiritual healing, ceremony, and teaching. Not only will you receive the healing but you will also be given tools and teachings to use in your everyday life. Our retreats are nature based and incorporate the “old” ways of nurturing and healing.

Each 3 day retreat includes a 1 hour healing massage, a Medicine Wheel Ceremony, an Animal Totem Reading, a Sacred Path card reading, a Shamanic Journey Meditation, a Sacred Counsel Session (life coaching) and two healthy meals.

So, if you are planning a vacation to Sedona, booking a retreat can amplify your Sedona experience!