Sedona Healing Day Retreat

sedona spiritual healing retreat$333. per person (3-4 hours) *includes lunch

An in-depth Sedona Spiritual Healing Experience.

Release fear, loss, anger, emotional pain, physical pain and dis-ease, control issues, and gain more inner peace, love, compassion, gratitude, happiness and balance. Reconnect with nature and remember the truth of who you really are. Also gain more insight and clarity on your life’s path. Reignite your passion for life!

This experience is located at one of Sedona most powerful vortexes sites. Experience a Medicine Wheel Ceremony for releasing, forgiveness, gratitude, and abundance. Let the drum and sacred songs heal you from deep within. Gain insight and direction through a Shamanic Journey or Soul Retrieval. Meet your animal spirit guides and receive messages and guidance. Enjoy a healthy meal and a peaceful setting at one of Sedona’s most charming vegan restaurants. Then complete your Sedona Healing Day with a Sacred Path Life Coaching Session. After this day…. you just might feel like a new person and have a renewed love for life!