Your review is very much appreciated! ♡ Rebekah


Beth G. Scottsdale, Arizona Jan. 2009
 "Hi Rebekah, What amazing and inspiring work you are sharing with the world. You are a perfect gift for all the world to share! I am so proud of you for following your heart and giving." Big smiles and love, Beth G. Scottsdale, Arizona Jan. 2009 
Amie, Stephanie and Grace May 2018
 We spent Cinco de Mayo with Rebekah, and a more inspirational day I have not had in many moons. It was our first time visiting Sedona, and to describe the amazing experience that our journey together was would keep me writing for hours! Along with my cousin and aunt we had such a powerful day with Rebekah, with Sedona, the animals (from Eagles and hawks to the snails ; ) the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park, the creek, Indian Gardens, and all we shared together; the power and energy of the four of us combining to something more than the sum of our parts. I carry the experience with me back in New York and look forward to visiting Sedona and Rebekah on a return trip to this amazing place. To all the moms out there, including Mother Earth, a happy Mother’s Day to you this weekend. May we continue to be blessed and take care of each other, always in a good way… with love, friendship, peace, beauty and grace ~ Amie, Stephanie and Grace 
Lauren Ramariez April 2018
 Our time with Rebekah was just transformational from the beginning. She has such a warm and genuine energy and spirit. Having her wisdom and sage counsel as a private tour guide for not just the physical tour of Sedona but also a spiritual journey inward was the best part of the tour (minus all the great recommendations she had for where to eat and shop while in town!). I booked the tour for myself, best friend, and my teenage son. He even felt right at home and comfortable with Rebekah and loved our time out in the natural beauty of Sedona. I can’t recommend her enough for a truly authentic connection to the spirit of Sedona. Namaste. 
Tonya NC November 2008
 “Rebekah, meeting you changed my life for the better and I am GRATEFUL for the gifts you shared with me! Drew and I are good, 2000 miles in a car gives a lot of time for talk and reconciliation, and I know in my heart your teachings and blessings and prayers helped us to find our way back to our road. I found a GREAT book to help me develop my gifts, The Path of the White Wolf by Robin Tekwelus Youngblood and Sandy D'entremont. I would never have had the courage to buy it had you not been put in my life, so thank you. You were the cherry on top of my journey to reconcile myself. But I realized that I was at an impasse with the tools I had - and I was told if I went to Sedona, I would find the teacher I needed - and that is where you came in, so Thank You. For my journey to you actually began the year before right after my 33rd, birthday. I realize you may feel the need to keep a professional distance, but you enhanced my life as a teacher and a friend and I can only hope that we can continue to be friends. May your day be as BEAUTIFUL and GRACIOUS as you are!” With much love and peace from these old mountains, -Tonya NC November 2008 
Honey L April 2015
 My son and his family (wife and two children) recently visit me (in Phoenix) from Copenhagen. During this visit we spent a few days in Sedona. I wanted to give them an experience of Sedona which would go much deeper than simply seeing the beauty with physical eyes. I wanted them to experience the deeper, inner beauty and power of this sacred land in ways which would touch their hearts and souls, leaving them in awe. Initially, I was at a loss to know how to do this. Then, as synchronicity would have it, I was led to Rebekah, who took them on a magical “tour” which my son later described as a “life-altering” experience. My daughter-in-law said it transformed areas of her life which she had been struggling with for quite some time. Rebekah incorporated several ceremonies and activities which really drew my grandsons’ attention. The youngest child, who usually doesn’t open up to anyone besides his family, “fell in love” after the first hour and wanted to do everything possible to let her know he really liked and wanted to connect with her; my other grandson had an experience of this land in which he saw vivid colors surrounding one of the sites they visited, leaving him delightfully surprised and curious. This was more than I could have ever imagined they’d receive, and I am deeply grateful to Rebekah and the person who put me in touch with her.  
Judith October 2013
 I can highly recommend Rebekah having experienced for myself the wonderful guide and spiritual teacher. Rebekah is that rare mix of down to earth approachability, extensive knowledge combined with a quiet wisdom that flows from the heart in complete integrity. In love, light and flow Rebekah. -Judith, West Sussex, England 
Wafa 2008
 Hi Rebekah! "I truly want to thank you very much for your input and advice regarding the book I'm putting together for publishing. I sure felt I was talking to a friend who is as passionate and excited about it as I am. I am confident this genuine enthusiasm you enjoy and share generously with others will not go unnoticed and will have its unique rewards for you. Again, thank you very much. I'm sure you'll hear from me again." Onward & Upward, -Wafa 2008 
Dave August 2016
 Hi Rebekah, I just wanted to say thank you for the Vision quest in the TeePee. I appreciate you and what you do. It really helped me to put my life back together. I wish you happiness and enough. Dave 
Maria Morales CA 2019
 I am feeling so much more grounded. I have noticed the fogginess I felt in my mind is clearing. I am beyond amazed and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Rebekah. My very first session experience exceeded my expectations and provided me the understanding and closure my mind, body, and spirit needed! Words cannot describe the feeling afterward. Thank you Rebekah! 
Annie AZ November 2008
 Great job Rebekah. You are such a passionate coach. You are a great coach and a great support. -Annie AZ November 2008 
Bonnie Williams 2019
 I ended up visiting Sedona by chance & wanted to go on one of the many spiritual adventures offered. I had hoped to find something truly authentic and less geared towards tourists. I stumbled upon Rebekah’s website and was immediately drawn to her. Upon meeting her, she’s equally as warm and welcoming. We visited a few sacred areas where she shared endless stories about the history there. During our spiritual journey, she helped me release emotions I’d unknowingly been harboring since I was a child. This trauma was not only affecting me emotionally, but physically too. By the end of our session, my entire being felt lifted and much more connected to nature. It’s truly a healing experience. Seeing our animals guides circle above and fly off as we finished up, will forever be embedded in my mind. I look forward to many more adventures with Rebekah. 
Donna April 2018
 Today I had a wonderful experience with you. I didn't know what to expect but you certainly delivered. I can't thank you enough. Sending you many blessings!!! -Donna 
Alecia Merritt Sedona AZ 2019
 My session with Rebekah was truly healing! She guided me and helped me to release trauma that was causing pain in my body from an incident that happened when I was a child and in the womb. Her session exceeded my expectations and I am so grateful to have found her. Rebekah is a true healer, thank you Rebekah! 
Jennifer and Matt June 2013
 Hi Rebekah, We would like to thank you from the depths of our hearts for the absolutely beautiful day we spent together in Sedona! It was perfect...both exactly what we wanted and what we didn't even know we wanted...inspiring, affirming, cathartic, transformative! You captured the essence of each one of us perfectly and we each took away a true myriad of messages and teachings that we will hold sacred for evermore! We sincerely hope our paths meet again some day and we'd love to keep in touch. Thanks again! Namaste... Jennifer 
Lisa November 2016
 I want to thank you for the beautiful ceremony. Everyone from my group, at different times yesterday, commented on how much they received from the ceremony and how honored they were to be there. It was a perfect evening under the stars with light beings above and below! Even at dinner a girl was asking about the songs and at how soothing and pretty your voice is....sweet words!!!! You're a blessing, stay bright!! Love and hugs, Lisa 
Lise G. March 2010
 Rebekah is prompt, organized and tapped in. Her positive outlook, no-nonsense manner and marketing skills helped launch my project quickly and efficiently.  Rebekah has embraced her truth and is a leader in a new way of being and teaching at this time. She walks her talk ~ I am extremely grateful that we crossed paths, then again there are no coincidences." ~Lise G. Mar 1, 2010 
Barbara October 2008
 "I felt in my heart what you conveyed during the tour, and it helped bring something back to my family and my daughters. I believe in your work and you are great." -Barbara October 2008 
Tom Chicago IL March 2009
 "I really cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. It has given me clarity and confidence to go and grow as a man and human being. You are a true blessing in the world." 
Shelly G. MN 2007
 "Rebekah, you helped me so much that I cannot possibly thank you enough. You have a true and natural gift that you need to share with the world, and I am glad you are doing so. You are the magic pill that I always wish I could take everyday to brighten my day and forget all my worries." -Shelly G. MN 2007 
Edie Palmer October 2015
 Thank you so much For the beautiful day we spent with you.  My sisters and I enjoyed getting to know you on a personal level, as well as journeying with you on the spiritual.  The ceremony at the medicine wheel was very healing and BROUGHT to mind what we all needed to let go.  One sister already demonstrated that she was indeed able to move ahead  By the next day.  What an incredible experience for us all.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and gifts as you guided us.  Edie 
Cassandra July 2013
 Rebekah, Thank you so much for your time on Wednesday; it was a fantastic experience! You have a beautiful, warrior, spirit! I am very excited for the next chapter in your life as I know you will find something amazing as you walk forward in life.  Love and Light, Cassandra July 2013 
Katie and Aaron September 2016
 My boyfriend and I spent 4 days in Sedona while on a cross country road trip a few weeks ago. We were incredibly lucky to have met Rebekah while staying at Sedona Sacred Rocks Bed & Breakfast. We spent most of our first day in town with her and chose several activities to participate in. My particular favorite was the Shamanic Journeying, which is such a moving and emotional experience. Rebekah also lead us in a Medicine Wheel Ceremony and did Intuitive Card Readings for us. We had such a great experience with her and feel like we've truly connected with her and have made a friend for life! We can't wait to return next year for a fun visit and we will definitely be catching up with her again! 
Caren September 2017
 I'd follow you anywhere Woman, put your feet on the Earth for me! Tell me about the rain, and the wind... and our creatures. I envy your time on this journey! September 28, 2017 
Dawn South Carolina Nov 2017
 Rebekah offers gentle Native American guidance and is an incredible mentor. Highly recommend her! 
Jackie March 2013
 Hello Rebekah, My son’s had a wonderful experience and could not stop talking about how much they learned and they really enjoyed the rituals. Thanks so much. Talk to you soon. Jackie 
Marti October 2018
 Rebekah is amazing! It's as if I have known her for a lifetime. She is warm, spiritual and so very knowledgeable about Native spirituality and Sedona. Thank you Rebekah!!! 
Dianna Kinaschuk September 2015
 Rebekah's colorful, inviting advertisement caught my eye on our trip to sedona.  Her tours sounded interesting and intriguing. I gave her a call and was immediately impressed by her enthusiasm. If she was this enthusiastic over the phone, what must she be like in person. Of course,  I  scheduled an adventure.  Unfortunately, however, on the morning prior, I sustained a leg injury, rock climbing.  Despite a limp, I was determined to move forward and keep my appointment with  Rebekah. She was very accommodating and helpful in providing a crate to give me a boost in and out of her vehicle and a walking stick for support and supported me in maintaining a much slower pace.  Compassionate. The highlight of my experience with Rebekah was my guided meditation where she led me to meet my four animal guides and explained the significance of each. Exciting, enchanting. Thank you Rebekah for a unique experience of healing, growth and learning.  It will remain ever in my heart..  Rebekah is the embodiment of the Sedona spirit. Dianna Kinaschuk 
Shona Austraillia Nov 2019
 Hi Rebekah - I want to say thank you for the time and healing we did down by the beautiful river. I cannot be certain it was this but choose to believe it’s playing a part in how good I am feeling. Lots of energy and not much body pain even though I have done hard physical work ( for me - haha!). Also I am finding people very friendly towards me - more than usual. People I know but not close friends - it’s lovely and interesting. I am still thinking and looking for signs about my options for which course I will do to veer into my new direction .... I hope you are well and enjoying love 💓🌈💓🎶✨ Shona 
Donielle Salt Lake City, UT March 2009
 "Thank you for a rejuvenating couple of days. Although I enjoyed everything, I think the life coaching sessions were the most helpful. You asked questions that weren't invasive but were intended to help align my actions with the goals that I have for my life. Coming back home, I'm very excited to put some of the plans we talked about into action. Thank you for being open to staying in touch. I hope that we stay in touch for longer than a moment." 
Derreck and Caren Seattle Washington December 2008
 "Recently, my fiance and I took a trip into Sedona Arizona. We went, hearts open for an experience into spirit that had no boundaries nor expectations. We were aware of the powerful and spiritual places of Sedona. Being newly engaged we wanted to solidify our commitment with ourselves and to our Higher Power. Myself; a spiritualist and him a devout Christian, we went looking for God's support and a possible blessing. We had the "accidental" pleasure of meeting up with Rebekah. She took us on tour of Sedona and it was oblivious the theme of love and commitment came out during our outing. She guided us through a medicine wheel releasing our negativities of the past and helped us in-vision the promise of love for the future. By a riverside, we pledged our love for each other and felt the power of our words in the "female" vortex. It was so beautiful and significant we all cried feeling the truth of our commitment. Rebekah facilitated and held the energy for us to have this specific and unique experience that was perfect for our needs. Ever since our trip, my beloved and I have felt the line between us blur as we are now one in the same in the energy of love. Wow. I thank Rebekah for her sensitivity and strength and her intuitive talents as our guide. I would highly recommend her for any ceremony and/or guided trip into beautiful Sedona. We forever thank you Rebekah for what you have given us." Sincerely, Derreck Presnell and Caren Chaffee - Seattle Washington December 2008 
Susan and Crew Feburary 2015
 LOVE my beautiful friends. Blessed to have shared the most incredible day of wonder and adventure with you all! 
Danny March 2016
 Rebekah is an exemplary example of a life coach. She puts her clients on a reasonable, yet soul-affirming path towards the realization of their own specialized notions of personal success, be it financial, spiritual, or practical. Whether providing time to contemplate and think or procuring a structured plan for self-betterment, Rebekah thoroughly covers every aspect of an individual's personal needs.