Release fear, anxiety, stress, anger, and pain…

Sedona Stupa and Medicine WheelA male vortex is one of the best places to release anything associated with the physical self. Did you know that all physical pain and illness or disease is held in place emotionally or by a personal belief?

Let us show you the most powerful masculine vortex in Sedona. Here we do a Native American medicine wheel ceremony to give thanks for all that we have, and to show gratitude and appreciation for the animals, the four directions, the natural elements, Spirit, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and all of nature. We drum and sing a special Native American song for forgiveness to release any fear, anger, and resentment that may be blocking you from feeling inner peace. After this ceremony you will feel more balanced and a deeper connection to nature. Some claim to feel a light tingling sensation. This is a result of raising your energy vibration of love. Some also claim to immediately be relieved of pain and illness.

Are you ready to heal?