Rebekah Simpson offers Native American Shamanic Healing in Sedona

Also known as Rebekah Two Moons.

Rebekah is a true Native of the Verde Valley including Cottonwood, Camp Verde and Sedona, located in central-northern Arizona. Her Native American bloodlines are of the Crow and Blackfoot tribes of the Northwest on her Fathers side and Seminole of the Southeast on her Mothers side. She was born and raised onYavapai-Apache historical land, and studied as an apprentice with Shamans and elders from the Lakota Tribe.

Since a young child she has had a facination with the Native American culture, beliefs and art. She was the child who would rather go play with animals and spend most of her time in nature, than stay focused in the classroom. Instead of wanting to be a doctor or scientist when she grew up, she wanted to be a prophet, a healer, and a spiritual leader.

Growing up in a financially poor but loving environment, she learned to appreciate the little things that were important in this world. Learning to be grateful for what she had, not what she did’nt have.

Her mother is the Shaman of her tribe, she’s the one who everyone went to for natural healing, spiritual counsel, herbal tinctures, and comfort. Now Rebekah follows in her footsteps.

At the age of 15 she had her first son and was forced to drop out of school to raise him. Times were tough and for the next four years she realised that all the hardship that she was experiencing was all a part of her rigorous Shaman’s training. No, it’s not easy to walk a Shaman’[s path, and she did not choose this path. It was chosen for her before she was even born. At the age of 18 she had her second son, raising two boys on her own was not easy, but she learned and they taught her so much. How to love, how to survive and protect, and how to experience the deepest of emotions.

In 2006 she was working for corporate and making decent money for what she had but the money wasn’t everything to her. She wanted to do more purposeful work, she wanted to help people. She was interested in the Healing Arts. and began to look for something along the lines. She found a healing arts school that offered a certification in Life Coaching. She attended and completed the class in August 2007.

Shortly after that she began having dreams and visions of Shamans calling her to Sedona Arizona. Owls would hoot just outside her window and strange signs began to show up everywhere. At this time she had just bought a new house and was in a nine year relationship that was coming to an end. Scared to leave and be on her own she tried to ignore the signs but almost one year later it was clear that it was time to go. Looking up into the sky she wondered, why Sedona, why now? And strangely she got an answer that said, “You are needed there at this time.” She said why? and the answer that she got was, “You will know when you get there.” Great she said, I’m supposed to leave all I know to go on some spiritual adventure that all stemmed from some crazy voice in my head.

Well, in January of 2009 she packed up her life and her youngest, now 13 years of age, and headed to Sedona. Her oldest was in foster care at this time and they visited once per week. At he age of 33 she became a young Grandmother and her priorities began to change. Her oldest son got in some trouble and ended up in Prison for three and a half years. Mean while the mother of her grand baby did not want her or her son to have anything to do with the baby. She was sad, scared, and exploring a new environment to start over.
Sedona seemed to welcome her with open arms. She met some nice people and made some lifetime friends. The first year and a half was all about her personal and emotional healing. She started working with shamans and light workers and learned so much about natural healing.

She became a tour guide and began to study about the surrounding area, including the land, geology, Native American history, the plants, animals and so much more. She has taken hundreds of visitors out on the land an practiced the same ceremony that her teachers showed her. She learned how to heal with the Medicine Wheel, the natural healing energy of the Vortexes and prayer.
Now its early 20011 and its time to leave Sedona, all the signs say its time to go and that her purpose for being there, at that time, was fulfilled.

She fell in love with an old friend and now lives happily in Prescott Arizona. Both of the same tribe and share the same Native American beliefs. Now working together they still offer Shamannic healing and tours in Sedona.

Now she understands why she was supposed to go to Sedona, and shes glad she listened to her inner voice that lead her there. Understanding that she must bringing her teachings and Shamans training out into the world, she now travels and hold lectures and workshops to share what she has learned.

Many of the hard times, tests, trials and lessons were not mentioned but there were a lot, as were there good. This only made her stronger, smarter, and even more appreciative of what she has now. But she knows this will make her a better teacher and show others how to “WALK A SHAMANS PATH.”

She is committed now to teaching and educating others about Native American Shamanism, Native American history, natural healing, exploring and studying Native ruins of the Southwest, and healing Mother Earth.

Rebekah is also the founder of the New Earth Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to re-integrating the old native ways back into our world today, when everything was sacred and treated with honesty and respect. When spirituality was practiced on a regular basis and not separated into different groups, one being better than the other. When everyone had a deeper connection with the earth, the animals and their true selves. When all life was in perfect balance because we respected the natural laws of the creator. When you could safely drink from any stream of water and nothing was waisted. Rebekah, among many, believe that we can return to this time and heal the wounds of the past. Maybe we cannot fully return to this way, but at least we can begin to integrate some aspects of this beautiful past.