Prescott Lakes Petroglyphs Solstice Calendar

These are the petroglyphs at Prescott Lakes in Prescott Arizona. They depict celestial bodies and ancient calendars.

Tucked away on a mesa off Solstice Drive, the Petroglyph Trail offers 360-degree views of the Prescott area, with Thumb Butte, Granite Mountain, and the San Francisco Peaks all visible on a clear day.

In addition, the park includes a display of 30 to 40 prehistoric petroglyph rock drawings.

George Sheats, a member of the Prescott Lakes trails and landscaping committees, noted that developers found thousands of examples of the prehistoric rock art throughout the 1,100-acre Prescott Lakes area.

With help from the Yavapai-Prescott Tribe, developers consolidated many of the petroglyphs on a series of parks, including the one on the mesa off Solstice Drive.

The park also includes a sign that explains the significance of the solstice to the mesa.