Owl Medicine, Totems, Messages and Dreams

owl medicine totemLast night, July 3rd 2012, I had a dream that I was watching two birds mating. I remember looking into the eyes of one of them, it had big eyes and a grayish color coat of feathers. At this time I still couldn’t grasp what type of birds they were. Later in the dream, I re-discovered the birds in their nest. I was concerned about the baby because I knew they had mated. So I turned into one of them and hopped over to where they were, seemed like I was in some type of rafters or barn. When I started talking to the female, I realized they were owls and that I was now an owl. I asked about the baby and the mother said it was just fine and doing well. I didn’t get to see the baby, but from a distance, I could see the father owl looking down into the nest with a happy look on his face. So once I knew everything was okay, I left and turned into a human again.
Owl in general means “Spirits”, Spirits are strong around you. Attend to dreams and heightened senses. It is up to you to act on that guidance.
But in my dream they seemed like short eared owls. The message of the short eared owl is “pursue aggressively”, carefully develop and use your life skills consciously. Be meticulous in details but pursue your goals strongly.
Owl can also be telling you to use you powers of keen, silent observation to intuit some life situation. By dreaming of owl, it may befriending you and aiding you in the night through dreams or meditation. Owl asks you to pay attention to the signals and omens. The truth always brings further enlightenment.

I would love to hear your comments or interpretation…