Owl Medicine and Totem ~ Sedona Shamanic Journeys

owl animal medicineIn some traditions, Seeing an owl would mean death. But in most cases, every time I’ve seen owl, it meant to see the truth in some situation. Also, the death of an old relationship or an old way.

If  you have owl in your totem. it may mean that you have no problem seeing the truth in others and situations and also speaking the truth even when others may not want to hear it.

Owl people cannot be fooled.

Owl is also called the night eagle as it is a bird of the night and rules the moon. The night and the moon are both associated with feminine energy, very intuitive and the ability to look inside for answers.

Owl people are good listeners and tend to be more observers.

They make good spiritual counselors and life coaches.

Birth date: January 20th through February 19th.