Hello new student! Thank you again for choosing to invest in yourself! I’m sure you’re excited and ready to get started…

Orientation Call: Schedule an orientation call with Rebekah.

Practice Clients: Get a few people to act as your “practice clients.” This could be friends, family or maybe even some you just met. Practice, practice, practice!

Recording: We suggest recording all of your practice sessions, most smartphones have a recording feature. This is for you and your client to review later. Always ask permission from your client to record and assure them that their name and identity will remain confidential. You can use the recording feature on your smartphone for in-person sessions or online platforms like Zoom.

Record Keeping: You might want to take notes as you work with each client also. You can use this type of documentation as a case study and it is also helpful to review your last session before starting your next one.

I personally use my Google account for almost everything. I will note all of my client and student records in the notes section of my Google contacts. This was it is all kept digitally and no bulky file folders to haul around.

Open Communication: Even though this course is self-guided, you can contact Rebekah at any time if you get stuck, have questions or just need some feedback.

Graduation: To graduate it is required that you submit via Google Drive an email of a recording of a successful Session for approval.

Here’s to your success! Have fun and enjoy!