New Zealand Maori Healers Coming to Sedona in March 2016!

maori in sedona march 2016
Maori healers are coming to Sedona in March 2016 to present their healing and spiritual work and tradition. Their special healing bodywork is very powerful and direct and helps works on all levels of human levels. A type of deep tissue massage, acupressure and spiritual guidance that works on the nervous system, tendons and bones to release toxins, stress, pain, fatigue, old traumas and painful memories from our cell memory.

Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand which in Maori language means Aotearoa. Maori healers (Maori Healers) carried out intuitively “scan” deep work with your body’s tissue and energy balance, which, according to many is very deep and allows for transformation.

maori healers in sedona march 2016Te Reia Oomai or Maori medicine (treatment) represents a natural way of healing methods by ancient Maori tradition, which continues through oral tradition from one generation to the next only to specially selected family members. Maori treatment involves working with the body (body work), which in most cases means a deep massage (Roma Roma), energy and spiritual guidance, support (Mirimiri) and use of medicine Maori (Maori Rongoa).

Maori massage technique of acupressure is very deep massage where pressure is applied to the nervous system, the tendons, bones and muscles. By this the body is released of toxins, stress; Pain and fatigue are released is removed. Even very old traumas and painful memories from our cellular memory cells are dissolved and re-filled with positive energy and vitality. You will experience the natural state of your being, which is very important for further treatment.

How can Maori treatment help you?

In general, people are not conscious of energies that are stopped or blocked in our body. These blockages prevent us to build up life as we want. We start with good intentions, but we often fail to stay on this path for a long time. We become trapped with no ideas about what you want. It is often very difficult to locate our own blockade.

Captured energy in most cases takes the form of the disease. Symptoms can manifest themselves physically, emotionally and mentally. Most of these symptoms is caused because the body is not in equilibrium with the feelings and emotions that we have.

Maori healer work on a physical and energetic level. Intuitively, through clairvoyance searches trapped energy and then communicates with the body. On the part of the body where energy is trapped adds energy or cause pressure. It uses their hands or forearm, sometimes elbows. For small and specific points, such as points on your feet, they use a green stone called Pounamu.

During treatment, sees himself as an instrument through which operates Higher Force . Blocks and emotion that touches them Maori healer can no longer hide the body and find a way out of the body, they come to the surface and the body can be eliminated.

maori loveDuring treatments, we encourage you to release directly through personal, physical and natural way of expression, such as. screaming, crying or laughing. These are confusing emotions that up to this point have been expressed, and now came the moment of liberation.

Maori treatment can sometimes be experienced as a very emotional and painful. Physical and mental pain lasts for a very short time. It shows us how much pain we accept in our everyday lives. The length of the actual pressure depends on our willingness to let old things. Resistance is nothing more than the fear that comes from our mind and not the body; body just wants to be liberated.

Maori healers working in a group and it may happen that you will be treated at the same time from multiple healers. More people are also dealt with in the same room. During the treatments healers often sing and pray; they also laugh a lot and help you to free yourself from ourselves. For all the people in the room present a strong sense of connection, which can also be seen as an awakening of happiness and joy.

Each treatment is completely different. Everyone has their own personal way and the way of liberation and achieving peace. However, all have in common the fact that the intensive penetrates into the core of the problem, and is directly confronted with him.
Dropping and liberation is usually done between treatments, but can take several hours, even days or weeks. Depending on how fast you are willing to surrender your new personal situation.

A brief description of their intuitive “scaning” of the body and work with your body’s deep tissues (deep tissue bodywork):

Mirimiri is one form of work on body, where the intuitive abilities of therapist are in foreground.
In addition to the work and knowledge that would traditionally have to demonstrate in front of the old masters, the therapist may also have the ability to “read” folds, curves, lines, signs and wells on the body. During the process mirimiri therapist investigate the body and determine the sites that need to be treated. Even if the client talks, he is looking for unspoken, unknown or forgotten. In therapy, the therapist receives “messages” and helps to establish physical connections to those places where the cells begin to deteriorate and lose the essence of life. The therapist evokes the wisdom that is stored in the body in so-called “codes of knowledge” (nga Kete about this wananga), and helps the client to activate processes that regenerate vital energy (calming word means “regenerate”).

In places where it is necessary to work with your body’s deep tissue, romiromi is activated. Ro means “go inside”, “mi” means to promote molecules in cells, allowing the decomposition and release of toxins that are calcified .
In the process of romiromi we can use elbows, hands, knees, feet, sticks, stones and sea water.
There can be more therapist working on one client. Deeply buried emotions can come to the surface during the therapy. From Emotional experiences arises physical, psychological or mental illness.
Activation of whatu-manawa (heart size) assists therapist in identifying individual toxic problems that hinder an individual, and prevents prolonged conflict in which he finds himself. When these problems come to the surface, the therapist performed whaka Watea (to clean the room), which enables holistic healing and transformation.

The Maori are also active in the field of…
• Natural medicine
• Correcting the imbalances of the body, muscles, tissues, bones
• Balancing and strengthening joints and ligaments
• Holistic well-being, fitness and health
• Sexual Awareness and healing of sexual records and injuries
• Liberation of lost souls and spirits
• Cleaning landscapes and spaces
• Clean up “dragon” lines
• Exorcism

Maori session last somewhere between 35-50 minutes.
Price: $130.
We are pre-booking sessions, space is limited, reserve now! Email

Maori most often when they come to an area (city) first have an evening lecture which is about 1,5 to 2 hour long. First they represent themselves, their culture and their work. They always sing sacred Maori songs in evenings and mostly answer questions from the guests.
Price: donations

Maori have different kind workshops to offer.
Lately they focus on two workshops; Sacred Divine Restoration and Ancient Safety and Tracking Energie Lines.
Workshops are usually about 3 hours.
Price: $80.

Visit their official web page and read more about who they are and what they do…