New Earth Allinace ~ Shamans, Healers, Spiritual Healers

The New Earth Alliance is a growing group of the highest vibration of Shamans, Spiritual Leaders, Wisdom Keepers, Healers, Connectors, Teachers of the new way, and anyone who is committed to raising the vibration of the planet. As Mother Earth renews herself, and we experience “The Shift,” we are also changing and being renewed. So, in essence, there is a reprogramming taking place and we were chosen to be the re-programmers.
We are all about fun, creativity, following our inner guide, healing mother earth, helping others heal, staying positive, and living our lives on purpose! We practice self worth, self love and honor our unique path. With this New Earth energy, we will begin to think less with our heads and more with our hearts.

We are practicing letting go of the old ways of control, fear, anxiety, and sadness, and transforming them into new positive energy and a higher vibration of love, creativity, and abundance.

We are also being called “The Community,” and “The tribe of Many Colors.”

The idea of the New Earth Alliance came to me in a dream on the first night of June 2010. There were hundreds of people at this gathering; we were calling it a New Earth Alliance gathering. One by one we got up on this beautiful stage and gave our message to the people. It was a non profit organization that stood for creating the New Earth Energy through leading by example. This was also promoting our work as individuals. We were raising the vibration on the planet through our thoughts, prayers, words and actions. We did not fear anymore, and we were helping people see the beauty and the truth of who we really are. We don’t give attention to the old negativity and control that once ruled the planet. One by one, and day by day we were spreading our light and high vibrations to others so that they may see the beauty in all things just as we do. The sad part is that those who chose to stay in fear, control and negativity would pass. The other part of the dream was asking me to tell everyone that I new about this.

As a child, even into my adulthood, I kept having dreams of being up on a stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people. I never knew what I was doing or saying, all I can remember was the feeling of being a spiritual leader to these people.

If you have ever drempt of being on a stage and speaking or leading hundreds of people, then you might be  a member. And if you just got “chill bumps, ” then you are definitely a member.

Welcome to The New Earth.

Are you a part of the Alliance?