Meet our Graduates

Allison E Sedona AZ Nov 2017
 Thank you Rebekah for creating this course. Full of rooted spiritual exercises, it awakens life coaches/shamanic healers in training to our own potential and heals us so we can be healing catalysts for others. My clients and I have really benefitted from these lessons. I have changed in a big way through this course... I notice that once you become a life coach, it is not a switch you turn on and off depending if you have a client engaged with you, but a way of being that permeates all aspects of life in a meaningful way. Thank you and blessings to you. 
Alix Peters
 What an incredible journey! This Life Coaching certification program has given me the skills and confidence to help others in a way that I didn't think was possible. I can now combine my passion for Shamanism with real-life coaching skills. I truly recommend this program to anyone that would like to incorporate shamanic practices into their everyday life, while helping others discover the powers of life coaching. 
Tiffany L March CA 2019
 Rebekah is a kind-hearted soul who is always there for her students.  I found her soul retrieval recordings most helpful, and I am walking away from this course with confidence in my ability to guide Soul Retrieval sessions for those seeking this medicine. - Tiffany 
Anke Otto-Wolf
 Having opted for this amazing Life Coach course was one of the best decisions I have made. Rebekah is an extraordinary instructor with the gift to reach deep into one’s soul and opening the portals of talents, gifts, abilities and belief in self. Not only has working with Rebekah provided much-needed knowledge, moreover, but it also refreshed one’s personal teaching pattern with new insight and light. Throughout the course, Rebekah’s support was always present; I felt that even her well-deserved and welcomed critique was based in the belief of my talents and abilities. It is just an amazing emotion to now know and believe that I AM a Life Coach. A most profound ‘A-ho’ to you Rebekah. Sincerely, Anke 
Carly Sedona AZ 2017
 Hi. I love the course, it's amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your life's work with us. I love the way you are so clear and concise, it's exciting and easy to absorb. It's really pulling things together, connecting the dots... what I'm learning in the course with bits and pieces I've learned along the way. Is soul cohesion a word? It's bringing peace to my soul. It's truly a gift and I'm so grateful I just wanted to honor you with this expression. I know I will have the confidence and abilities to move forward in a new way.  Much love, Carly 
Sherita Searcy
 Rebekah is a phenomenal life coach who brings an inspiring art to the craft. She is a patient listener who offers insights and guidance on ways to get through life’s bumps and bruises. I met Rebekah through Life Coach Vision and from the time we connected, I knew my life would be forever changed. Within three months, my life went from being stagnant and uneventful to flourishing beyond my wildest dreams. She made me realize my inner potential and made me understand that all of the answers I was searching for was hidden within. Through a step by step process, I was able to uncover me and change my life around and also enter the field of life coaching. She is a life coach on the rise and one to look out for. She is the next! Truly, Sherita Searcy 
Sue Graywolf-Petruzzi 2019
 "I have known Rebekah for some time now and know of her spirit and her amazing walk in this life. She created this amazing program for those who want to help people heal their pain and suffering through learning the skills of "Life Coaching", along with learning through teachings of the Native American ways of connecting with Nature and Yourselves. Each Session guides you to the destination of becoming a Life Coach, and by doing the sessions yourself you are working on any areas within yourself that needs healing. Rebekah is an amazing teacher and spiritual guide that will take you on a journey of self-discovery for all. She is always available for questions or concerns. You will feel amazingly excited about doing this course and will come out a better person because of it. Upon completion of his course your friends, family and clients will be eternally grateful that you guided them on a healing path of personal growth and transformation. I hope that anyone of you who have an interest in Life Coaching will allow Rebekah to share her wisdom and knowledge with you for she truly is with Spirit. A'ho"