In today’s marketing scene one can become extremely overwhelmed. There are just so many techniques and options. That’s why I have put together this simple checklist for you to start promoting your business quickly using simple techniques that work in today’s online market.


Godaddy WordPress hosting
Basic pages (Welcome, About, Contact)
Post blogs weekly and share to Facebook
The idea is to drive traffic to your website
Keep it simple


Create a Facebook business page and group
Use your page as a platform that acts as a huge net
Use your private group as an exclusive conversation platform and funnel to sell what you offer
Use your smartphone to take short videos of you talking about what you do and why you do it and upload to Facebook
Use Facebook Live
Spend $5. per day on Facebook ads. Learn Facebook ads guidelines
Create an Instagram


5 minutes a day for 30 day’s video challenge. Spend at least 5 minutes a day or more making a video about your business. Use Facebook Live, Instagram, etc. Talk about you and your story or stories. Talk about why you love what you do. Talk about what your clients are experiencing. Talk about anything related to your work. Don’t’ worry about being perfect, just be authentic.