Live in Balance with the Natural Cycles of the Sun and Moon

It is dawn, and the people of the village have gathered to witness the power of the sun. The elements of the earth call to the wind, the sacred Spirit, and the people become one with the land forever.

It is said that an old Hopi Grandmother once told her Granddaughter, “My dear, you cant sleep all day, you must be up before Grandfather Sun to greet him. It is disrespectful not to.”

Just as it is respectful to Grandmother Moon as we sleep and go into the healing dreamtime.

And so for the rest of her days, the Granddaughter prepared for rest at dusk and was up and awake before first light to greet Grandfather Sun every day, and she lived a healthy, balanced life.

This teaches us how to live in balance with the natural masculine and feminine of the lunar and solar cycles.