Live a Balanced and Healthy Life

When you are balanced, when you are able to be who you truly are, when you can express your authentic nature – it doesn’t matter what others think, say or do. When you are integrated and balanced with self, you are the master of you, you aren’t feeding off others and they cannot feed off you. You can express who you are with ease, grace and beauty and it doesn’t matter what they say or how they react. It only matters what is real to you, what is your truth and to be able to live your authentic nature. If someone belittles you, if you are intimidated, humiliated, mocked or scorned at, it is only their perception that they are reflecting at their present level of consciousness. Greet and invite in that critical or judgmental energy, know that words are meaningless, because it is just energy. Let stuck energy go, nothing can disempower, you unless your give your permission to do so. When you begin to express your truth, to state your point of view, when you begin to change your perceptions, and when you begin to love, honor and accept yourself and when you begin to be the manager of your life, you will begin to change your reality and you will attract different people into your life.