Life Coaching – Take Action!

new doors opening life coachingIt’s the law of physics – once an object begins moving forward it takes on an energy of its own. Once you move forward in any direction – even the wrong one – you will be pulled into the flow of forward-moving energy.  You will be guided to the right people and opportunities. You will become part of a vortex of positive energy that moves you into the right place at the right time. Forward action takes a life of its own.

There’s another component to taking action. When you make phone calls to research a new direction, meet with someone to discuss an idea or do research on the internet, you’re sending a message to the universe that you’re moving forward. Even if you are not researching the exact right direction, you energy will attract opportunities that will guide you in the right direction. Opportunities that will pull you toward your destined work. Our higher guides aren’t allowed to interfere with us because of “free will”, but once we start moving forward they can open doors.

Inaction, sitting at home, worrying or being unhappy will not open any doors. You must take a step forward in a new direction, even if it’s closing an old door, then doors will open….”

If you have a hard time taking action, or don’t know what action to take, call today!