Life Coaching and Universal Laws

I’m beginning to understand why things happen the way they do. Life is actually very easy to understand once we learn to let go of control and begin to listen to our inner voice. Just recently I made some huge changes that were not exactly easy, but I knew I had to take my chances in order to grow and experience the freedom that I have been seeking for some time now. I really feel like something big is happening or about to happen. Many other people are experiencing and feeling the same way. It’s scary but at the same time fascinating.

I named the title of this blog post “Life Coaching and Universal Laws” because I’m beginning  to feel like is part of my purpose to use the gentle techniques of life coaching and simultaneously teach and help people understand the natural, universal laws that govern our universe. Yes, many of us may know of these laws, but are we using them to bring us freedom, true freedom? Probably not, and that’s the biggest part of my aha moment.

Okay, lets review the past couple of years in brief detail. In 1994 I began to think that there was more to life than what appeared as reality. At this time I really pushed myself to figure out what it was, doing this only resulted in more confusion. Then that inner voice told me to stop trying to figure it all out at this time, and that I still had much to learn and experience before I was to know the truth. So I did just that, I put all of my notes and books away and went back to just living a normal life.

Several years had passed, and a few destructive relationship had me wondering if I would ever feel true love and inner peace. By now my sons are a bit older and had went through the hard times with me. I look back and admit, I wouldn’t change anything if I could, because I wouldn’t know what I know now, and I wouldn’t know how to appreciate what I have now either.

Moving on to 2006 when I first watched, “The Secret.” Granted, the move didn’t give me all the answers, and certainly left me wanting to know more, it ultimately started me on a new journey of self-discovery. It also validated something that I knew in my heart to be true, the law of attraction. Even though I didn’t call it this before, I always taught my children that positive thoughts bring positive outcomes, and negative thoughts produce negative outcomes. I actually cried that day because now I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought that. I felt so empowered that I continued my search again for the truth of life. With a few more years of independent studies, trials, errors, hard times, miracles, and synchronicity, I had another breakthrough. All of this gathering of information, stories, learning my own lessons, and still learning them, is now paying off. I am becoming more clear of my purpose.

I want to help people understand and implement the natural laws of the universe. When we understand how and why things happen, then we can learn to change our thoughts and actions to produce more of what we do want. Not what we don’t want, and not letting things happen by default either. By practicing and implementing these laws one by one, we can then begin to have, be, do, and experience everything we’ve always wanted.

Stay posted on my upcoming workshops, they are coming soon, I can feel it!