Is Life Coaching for you?

“Revolve or Evolve? ” Sometimes life can be tough, and a person doesn’t know which direction to go. As a result, they keep revolving in circles and have difficulty moving forward. A Life Coach will help the client find clarity and motivate them to take action based on their wants and needs. By the end of a session, a client will be motivated and have a clear view on what steps to take to achieve his/her goals. With a follow-up session, the Life Coach will check-in with the client to see if they are following through with their action plan.

Life Coaching is about self-growth and taking your life to the next step. The client is always in control of the session; it really is all about them. Life Coaches may use several transformational tools to help their clients find clarity including Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, written exercises, affirmations, and role-playing. To help a person visualize the possibilities of what they really want, a life coach will bring them to a comfortable and relaxed state. This helps clear the mind of all emotions and drama from the day so the client can be receptive to the possibilities.

Life Coaching is not counseling. There may be some misconceptions as to what life coaching is. Life coaching does not “fix people”, tell a person what to do, judge them, make suggestions, or rescue someone from their current position. It’s all about helping someone move forward, knowing they have all the answers within themselves. A Life Coach will help validate those answers and encourage an action plan.

Automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) are the thoughts a person might have right after a great idea. These thoughts limit a person and hold them back from taking action. For example: “I would like to get a better job, but I don’t have the education.” Or, “I would like to start my own business, and I have all of these great ideas, but I don’t have enough money.” In stead of focusing on how a person is going to make it happen, a Life Coach will help the client focus on the end results, and the feelings of already experiencing their dream as a reality. That is when the first step becomes clear, and it all starts falling into place.

Mini Session:Have a pen and some paper ready and ask your self these questions: If I could do anything or be anything I want with no limits, no fear, and NO ANTs, what would it be? What would I do? Infinite possibilities are at your fingertips. Now close your eyes right where you are and imagine what it would look like and what would it feel like to have infinite abundance right now. Now journal your thoughts and keep writing until you feel you have fully expressed all of your dreams and wishes.

A Life Coach will connect with you from the heart and meet you where you are, and can help you find the answers you need for taking the first step in making your dream a reality. The outcome is life transforming. Find your coach today in the Coaches Connection Directory.