In this training, you will learn how to help others heal deep emotional wounds that could be blocking them from experiencing happiness, peace, and balance in their lives today.

Rebekah has been practicing the art of life coaching and guided imagery since 2006. Within that time she has developed a unique way of helping others heal quickly from years of unprocessed emotional trauma. Her technique is called “Soul Recovery.”

Soul Recovery is a form of guided imagery, guided imagery is a mild form of hypnosis. This is a technique that helps your client to relax enough to bypass the brain (mental) and communicate directly with the body (physical and emotional). The core concept of this work is to understand that once the emotional trauma is healed the body can relax and return to its original integrity. Through the experience of soul recovery, your client will remember the event and relive it in a more productive and safe way with your guidance. The brain doesn’t know the difference between experiencing it in the mind (through guided imagery) or in real life, but it will still heal it on an emotional level witch can result oftentimes in permanent healing.

We have included the art of life coaching into this training because we believe the core concepts of life coaching (listening, asking good questions, accountability, etc) are very effective and will also be the way you begin your sessions.

During your training, we would strongly encourage you to practice, practice, practice. The more you practice you get, the more confident you will become.