Introduction to Shamanic Healing ~ Lecture April 7th 2012

Join us as we explore different aspects of Native American Shamanic Healing and Practice. Learn to heal yourself naturally or learn to integrate these ancient healing techniques into your current practice.

Shamanic Healing is a natural way of bringing your mind, body and spirit back into harmony and balance. With the assistance of the earth, animals and prayer, you can learn how to heal yourself.

There are many different forms of Shamanic or Native Healing; different Healers will use different techniques, tools and medicine to assist their patient.

Some Shamans may help remove illness and disease, physical pain, bad dreams, ghosts, etc. Some are also teachers who can help you find your spiritual path.

Rebekah offers Native American Shamanic Healing. Her practice includes the Medicine Wheel Ceremony, Animal Totems and Readings, Shamanic Journeys and Soul Retrieval, Sacred Counsel Sessions, Dream Interpretation, Home clearings and blessings, Sedona Spiritual Vortex Tours, Lectures, Workshops and Training.

Saturday April 7th 1pm to 3pm

Mountain Spirit Co-op 107 N Cortez Suite 104C Conference Room Prescott, AZ