Horseback Riding Experience in Sedona

horseback riding in sedonaToday was an amazing experience on horseback in the beautiful Sedona red rocks. The weather was perfect and Meaghan and I decided to go on a different trail. I’m so glad we did. After following a huge hawk that took us in a different direction than usual, we winded down a very steep trail and ended up on Oak Creek. You could almost say it was in her back yard at her BnB Sedona Sacred Rocks off Lower Loop road. As we ascended down the windy trail a very large yellow butterfly flew just past Meaghan, then said hello to me as well and went off on it’s way. Once Brogan, the horse I was riding gathered his footing and paused for a minute, we stopped to take in the incredible beauty of this untouched canyon. Then I scanned the cliff face for some sign of early Native American ruins, I could just feel there were some nearby. Then I saw them! To the right about 200 yards from us across the canyon was what remained of an early pueblo style cave dwelling with a partial wall still intact. I didn’t have my camera an me this time. I still haven’t figured out haw to hold the reins and the camera at the same time LOL. But it was an amazing experience. I love this kind of stuff.

When you are in Sedona, make sure to schedule your horseback ride with Meaghan, a very well experienced horse rider and trainer. She also offers healing with horses, a powerful way to learn more about yourself and heal from the past.