Hopi Mesa Tours Sedona Arizona

walpi village hopi mesa tourTravel back in time over a thousand years to the ancient land of the Hopi. A Native American tribe that is said to be the oldest living indigenous people of North America. Hopis call themselves Hopitu – ‘The Peaceful People’. Hopi land is in Northeastern Arizona and surrounded by the Navajo Nation. Small Hopi villages can be found on three different mesas, First Mesa, Second Mesa, and Third Mesa.

The Hopi believe they were first inhabitants of America. Their village of Oraibi is said to be the oldest continually occupied settlement in the United States. These small pueblo style communities all sit at the edge of large cliffs overlooking the beautiful landscape of the painted desert. Some have no running water or electricity and enjoy living this simple life just as their ancestors did hundreds, even thousands of years ago. The Hopi are also famous for their sacred dances that they have throughout the year.

hopi prophecy rock

Example Travel Schedule:

8am Depart Sedona and travel up scenic Oak Creek Canyon to the top of the Mogollon Rim. Then travel along historic route 66 and through the painted desert to the Hopi Mesas

10am Arrive at Hopi land and visit the ancient village of Kykotsmovi and Old Oraibi at Third Mesa, said to be the oldest inhabited village of the Hopi.

Relax and connect with the ancestors during a meditation and prayer overlooking the vista.

Then visit Hopi Prophecy Rock and learn the teachings that the ancient ones left for us. You must have a Native Hopi guide at this location.

12pm Lunch at Hopi Cultural Center restaurant on Second Mesa, enjoy an authentic Hopi meal or choose from the regular menu.

1pm Explore the museum at the Hopi Cultural Center and learn more about the history of these ancient people. Then enjoy shopping at a few of the local arts and craft shops.

Next, explore the Second Mesa village of Shongopavi then to First Mesa at Polacca and Walpi. Along the way you will see Corn Rock, to the Hopi, corn is the central bond of all life and its essence, physically, spiritually, and symbolically, pervades their existence.

3pm Depart Hopi Mesas and travel past the Hopi buttes then stop at the Painted Desert Scenic View for a final breathtaking experience of this incredible land.  Return to Sedona.


  • Eat breakfast before you leave.
  • Bring extra money for lunch and shopping as it is respectful to buy arts and crafts for the local people for visiting their land.
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks for the trip.
  • Camera use is limited on this journey, and is not permitted near the villages.

Learn more about the Hopi…




One of the best books about the Hopi is “Book of the Hopi” by Frank Waters and published by Penguin Books, 1963. This book covers the origin of the Hopi, the four migrations, the origin of the clans, ceremonies etc. It is a book for anyone interested in learning more about the Hopi people.

Overnight camping or lodge trips are also available.