Healing with the Drum at the Medicine Wheel in Sedona

Over the years I’ve been assisting people from all over the world to heal past wounds, physical, emotional and spiritual. I never know what to expect with each one and they are all different. No matter what you want to do from heal physical pain to an old emotional wound, drumming in the medicine wheel can help. This can help release negativity that you have been carrying around for a long time, sometimes we don’t even realize we are carrying them.

At the wheel, we say two prayers, one for releasing and forgiveness and one for gratitude and abundance. When we speak out loud to the universe we are stating our intentions and this is very powerful. I’ve seen miraculous this happen, some of which most people won’t believe or even understand.

I’ve worked with children from the age of three and the grandmothers and grandfathers, all seem to have something to pray about.

The prayer we hold is not tied to any religion, it is a Native American prayer that includes all living things such as the Creator, the Great Spirit, the animals, the four directions of the universe, our ancestors, and other things that bring us closer to nature.

The sound of the drum is healing and has been used for thousands of years. Some receive healing from it and some receive a vision.

The medicine wheel dates back thousands of years originating from the Lakota Sioux. Today, Medicine Wheel ceremonies are becoming more popular and can be found all over the world. As the teachings spread to different cultures, it is a bit modified, therefor not every ceremony will be alike. Each will be a bit different and that’s okay.

My training’s to hold the ceremony have come from several sources, some Lakota, Cherokee, Navajo and Hopi. I have also read many books from Sun Bears “The Medicine Wheel” to “Medicine Wheel Ceremonies” by Vicki May and C.V. Rodberg. I’ve also read books published by shamans and healers around the globe that have included teaching about the Medicine Wheel along with other native teachings and ceremonies. Over the years I have developed my own ceremony keeping as authentic as possible.

In the Medicine Wheel we sing songs for forgiveness and gratitude. We offer our blessings and prayers to Mother Earth and Father Sky, to Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon, to the four directions and the animals that represent them.

Most people experience a lightness and tingling sensation. Some don’t want to leave the wheel because they feel so connected a a sense of true security that they are afraid to leave the wheel and loose it. This is a feeling and an experience that can be done at any time and in any place.

Recently, we have been getting more requests for to do the Medicine Wheel ceremony and requests to build Medicine Wheels on people’s property. Also, recently we were requested to build a wheel and hold a ceremony at Custer State Park in South Dakota this summer. I am really looking forward to that.

So if you are coming to Sedona and want to experience this ceremony, I would highly recommend it weather it with us or anyone else, it is healing and will be an experience you will remember forever.

Rebekah Two Moons Earth Keeper