Healing Juniper at Hopi Mounds in Boynton Canyon Sedona Arizona

Sedona Cathedral RockVisit a sacred healing juniper tree that vibrates at such a high frequency that you immediately feel the healing energy radiating from it. It has a natural chair in its center and it’s branches wrap around you like it’s giving you a big hug.

Here you will discover Hopi and Navajo legends and experience balanced vortex energies.  The Hopi come once a year to a sacred mound to do a Corn Pollen Ceremony to honor their ancestors spirits. This is an electromagnetic balanced masculine and feminine vortex that brings you to a state of inner peace.

Sedona CrystalThis location is the only place where you can see the Great White Buffalo rock formation behind Thunder Mountain. You can also see many twisted juniper trees and quartz crystal pockets in the red rocks.

Devil’s Bridge is a natural rock bridge formation created by the ocean millions of years ago. There are also several Native American Ruin sites where the ancient ones lived thousands of years ago.

Here you can also see Kachina woman who towers above Boynton Canyon, Land of the Seven Main Canyons. She is a vortex, but also a beacon for humankind. Here is the story of the Hopi Kachina Woman…


devils bridge sedona arizona off road tourSeveral thousand years ago, all 2-leggeds lived on the surface of Earth, like we do today. We lived in unity, peace and understanding for several thousand years. Walking every pathway of Mother Earth. Great Mystery created us in his image and also gave us free will, egos and a growing, expanding, questioning mind. Over time, as our minds expanded with knowledge, our egos and desire to control expanded as well. We began controlling and manipulating other 2-leggeds. We created big wars to prove our superiority over other tribes. Eventually, we killed each other, except for a handful of 2-leggeds who sought shelter during those times.

Great Mystery was severely disappointed. He moved us from the surface of Earth & its rich abundance, down to Middle Earth (like the hobbits!). And he gave us a Guardian – Kachina Woman. In Hopi legend, Kachina was like the Virgin Mary, Hera from Greek Mythology, and Lakshmi from Eastern Indian folklore. Kachina was our divine protector, moderator and overseer. She ruled over us in Middle Earth with a kind, gentle hand, but also reported back to Great Mystery often, as he re-built the Earth we almost destroyed.

katchina woman boynton canyonSeveral hundred years went by. We behaved ourselves. Kachina went to Great Mystery, told him how well we got along and asked if we could return to the new abundance of Earth’s surface he created. He agreed. Under two conditions: (1) That Kachina Woman continue looking after us, looking over us. (2) And should we start destroying each other again, Kachina Woman would crumble or fall – as a signal to all 2-leggeds that Great Mystery was unhappy again and we’d be forced to straighten up without the guidance or help of Kachina – or else he’d move us all to some undisclosed, dark world, never to return to Earth’s beautiful, abundant surface ever ever again.

So, if ever Kachina crumbles or falls, Hopis believe humanity is lost and will soon move to a dark, unknown place worse than Middle Earth.