Grief, the Lungs and the Coronavirus – with Greg Braden

Interesting that Greg talks about how we are all grieving right now. In my studies of “spiritual diagnosis” and how emotions can directly affect the body, I’ve learned that Grief is associated with lung problems. I thought it was also interesting that this virus directly affects the lungs. Even before this discovery, I believe we have all been unknowingly suffering from how it used to be not just recently, but how it used to be a very long time ago. Just in the last hundred years, it seems like time has sped up so fast due to technology and convenience. I for one have been feeling a sense of grief for a very long time. I miss the old ways. May by this virus is a gift in helping us to return to a more natural and simple life.

Every human emotion provides a unique message that helps us learn about ourselves and others. Emotional intelligence comes from managing our wide spectrum of emotions and harnessing their respective power.

The problem is that most of us have been taught to value certain emotions more than others. Joy is considered a “good” emotion while anger and sadness are often considered “bad” emotions. Since “good” emotions are more acceptable, I believe many of us feel shame or self-doubt around fully expressing the “bad” emotions. This leads us to suppress these feelings, which can exacerbate the emotional upheaval internally and cause damage to the corresponding organ system with which the emotion is associated.

Grief is one of the most difficult emotions to process, but when properly transformed, it can provide powerful life lessons that can propel you to grow immensely on your path of self-cultivation. – Setareh Moafi, Ph.D., L.Ac. Resource