Encryption Canyon Petroglyphs in Williamson Valley Arizona

These petroglyphs are at the Cooper Morgan trail at Talking Rock Ranch just 20 miles north of Prescott.

Talking Rock got its name from a historical site on the property.

Over thirteen hundred Native American Petroglyphs can be found describing stories on the walls of what is now called “Encryption Canyon.

These ancient writings were discovered by The Yavapai Chapter of the Arizona Archaeological Society in 2002 and believe they were originally created by the Hualapai Indians.

Once this discovery was found, the owner of the property at Talking Rock Ranch donated the ancient petroglyph site, some 15 acres, to the indigenous Yavapai Indian Tribe for preservation and protection from development.

Permission is needed from the Yavapai tribe to see the impressive petroglyphs and visitation is limited to ensure the ancient findings remain preserved.

Expect miracles,

Rebekah J Simpson