December 2012 Mayan Prophesy of the New World

Those of the Center will unite the eagle of the north with the Condor of the South.

We will come together with our brothers and sisters because we are one like the fingers of the hand.

Help us bring this message to all corners of Planet Earth.

No more war, because the water is drying out, the air is contaminated, the Earth is ill and we are ill as well.

We are one brothers and sisters, rich and poor, whites and blacks, indigenous and non-indigenous, we are one on the face of the earth

-Wandering Wolf Mayan Shaman and Wisdom Keeper

Embark on an epic journey with Mayan Grand Elder Wandering Wolf, as he transcends time to share the fulfillment of ancient prophecies, Mayan cosmology and the current planetary shift. We invite you to enjoy this inspiring message of empowerment and hope, and to assist Wandering Wolf in his mission to share it with the world.