Create a Facebook Event that Rocks!

Are you hosting an event? Local or online? Use Facebook Events to get the word out there!

How to create a Facebook event that rocks!

  1. From your profile page go to your navigation bar and select events. If you don’t see it click on “More” then you should see it.
  2. Here you will see a list of all events… you’ve created, are going to , interested in and been invited to. In the upper right hand corner you will see the “Create Event” button. Click!
  3. At the top of the new event you will see an option to make your event public or private. This means only friends can see or would you like everyone on Facebook to see the event? Very important and easily overlooked. You wont be able to change it later!!!
  4. Make sure to be very thorough and accurate when filling out the form.
  5. Add an event photo!
  6. Not done yet!!! Now you have to promote it. Go to your event page and click “Invite”. Click “Share Event” and select “Share on your own timeline”. Make sure to select your audience, Public, Friends, Only Me, etc. Also share on any Groups and Pages that are appropriate for your event and click “Post”.
  7. Now, on your event page, click on “Invite” and “Choose Friends”. At the top there is a select all button, you should not have to select each one individually. Then click “Send Invites”. Facebook may prompt you to do an image security check to prevent spam.

Event Tips:

  • When sharing your event, make sure to ask a question, like a call to action! Also mention, “Please Share!”
  • Also share it several times before the event, with so much in our news feed some people may miss it the first time!
  • Also add in a deadline to sign up.

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